Process and Pricing

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The moment has come! You’re ready to cross “Find a Calligrapher” off your to-do list.

Even if you don’t have your guest list totally sorted out, you can get on my calendar for your wedding calligraphy.
In fact, I encourage early bookings! Calligraphy is a time-intensive art, so I only take one or two envelope clients during any given week.































Envelope Calligraphy Pricing

The prices listed below do not include the cost of envelopes. If you’d like to purchase envelopes through me, then that’s no problem – I’d be more than happy to provide a quote when you get in touch.

Outer Envelopes – $2.50/envelope

Inner Envelopes – $1.50/envelope

Return Address Calligraphy – $1.50/envelope

Custom Return Address Rubber Stamp – $60



Dark or Lined Envelopes  – $0.25/envelope

Custom ink color – $10 flat rate

Custom Envelope Design – $20 flat rate


Add Ons Products and Services

Wax Seals – $0.50/each

You can choose from more than 40 colors, and they will arrive with an adhesive backing – No heat required!

Custom Wax Seal Stamp – $80

For a one-of-a-kind wax seal impression, I will create a monogram especially for you.

Envelope Stuffing and Sealing – $0.50/envelope

RSVP Tracking – $0.25/envelope

I will number your RSVPs to correspond with a spreadsheet, allowing for easy guest follow-up and reduced stress in the final days of wedding planning.

Mail Dropoff – Free with Envelope Stuffing!

For the ultimate stress-free experience, I will drop your invitations in the mail.

Does not include the cost of postage


Custom Ink Colors





Wax Seals





Invite Drop Off Service





Custom Designed Seals





Envelope Calligraphy Process


Contact me to reserve your spot on my calendar


Finalize your guest list

Ask me all your questions about etiquette


Send your guest list in spreadsheet format

Mail your envelopes to me


Relax! I’ll take it from here.

Turnaround time for envelopes is 1-2 weeks, depending on quantity required.

Get in touch with Kathleen today.

I know you didn’t just read this whole page for nothin’! If you’re ready to get on my calendar, if you have a question, or if you just feel like saying “Hi,” don’t hesitate to drop me a line right now.

If you’re contacting me about wedding or event calligraphy, please mention the date of your big day.