The Girl with the Pen

Meet Kathleen (that's me!), the gal behind Sincerely Designed

Templated, seen-it-before stationery is not your cup of tea.

Your wedding day is going to be unique, just like you. You are looking for specially tailored, handmade wedding stationery. With me, you’ll get one-on-one creative collaboration and wedding stationery that wows your guests from mailbox to ceremony to reception.

Hi! I’m Kathleen, a graphic designer turned calligrapher.

I know that your wedding day will be magical because you’ll collaborate with so many creative professionals to create a celebration that’s uniquely you. When I was young, I doodled through every class and imagined a day where I could be creative without sneaking around. Today, I keep pinching myself because I can’t quite believe that I am living the life I dreamed.

Calligraphy is so much more than nice handwriting.

It’s a traditional fine art that is experiencing a modern day renaissance. Using calligraphy in your wedding day stationery gives your celebration a classic feel, but hiring me gives your calligraphy a modern twist.

When you contact me for your wedding stationery, I’m an open book.

I can advise you on what etiquette rules to take or break. I can help you draft up the wording for your invitations. I can even assemble, stuff, stamp, and send out your wedding invitations! I’ve got all your stationery bases covered so you can move onto your next wedding to-do without worry.

Hit up Kathleen now.

You’re ready to book? Well that’s the best news I’ve heard all day! I can’t wait to hear from you.

If you’re contacting me about wedding or event calligraphy, please mention the date of your big day.